Find 6 Digit Pin Code of My Location in India by GPS, Address, Post Office Name, City Name, State Name, Village Name

Below tool will help to find 6 digit Pin Code of My Location. Enter your GPS location, address, nearest post office name, city name, state name, and village name, and get current location pin code in less than 10 Seconds.

Pin Code of My Location


Find Pin Code of my location right now

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Find Pin Code of my location right now

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How to find Pin Code of My Current Location is the best tool website in India where Indian people can find my current location pin code in easy steps.

Follow the below step-by-step procedure and get current location pin code (my location pin code) right now.

  • First of all, visit the website
  • You will find 6 fields on the home page to enter PIN CODE or POST OFFICE NAME or POST OFFICE ADDRESS or TALUKNAME or CITYNAME or STATENAME.
  • Enter only one field which you know.
  • Now, click on the search button.
  • You will get a table below on the search button.
  • The table contains the Pin Code of My current location on the basis of your input.
  • Note down this Pin Code. This is your PIN CODE.
  • Use this Pincode at e-commerce websites or online stores to ship products to your home address.

Why is Current Location Pin code so important?

There are multiple reasons that prove the importance of Pin code of my location.

These are explained in detail under:-.

  1. Accurate delivery: When you order something online, the delivery address should have a pin code to ensure that the package is delivered to the correct location. The pin code helps to identify the area or locality within a city, which ensures that the delivery person reaches the right address.
  2. Identification of location: A pin code helps to identify the location of an individual or a business. It can help in identifying the state, district, city, and specific area within the city.
  3. Government services: Many government services such as passport applications, voter ID cards, and Aadhaar card require an accurate pin code. This is important to ensure that the government documentation is accurate and delivered to the right address.
  4. Emergency services: During an emergency, such as a natural disaster or a medical emergency, a pin code can help emergency services reach the location quickly.
  5. Statistical analysis: The pin code is used by the government and private organizations for statistical analysis. The data collected using pin codes can help in understanding the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of an area or locality.

What is Pincode in India?

The full form of PIN in India is a Postal Index Number. Pincode is a 6-digit number that represents a nearby location of a Post Office. Each and every post office has a specific PIN code number.

On the basis of this unique Pincode, all types of parcels and letters are delivered by a post office.

The Pincode system was introduced in India in 1972. It was used to simplify the process of delivering mail and parcels across India. Still this system is working fine in India and thousand number of Speed Post, parcels are delivered every day by post office department and other courier companies.

First two digits of a PINcode represent Postal circle Name. Postal Circle name is similar to the State name.

On the basis of the first two digits of PINcode, State-wise PIN Code list is as under-

  • 11- Pin code starting with 11 digits is of Delhi.
  • 12 & 13 – Pin codes starting with 12 and 13 digit comes under Haryana
  • 14 to 16 – Pin code starting with 14, 15, and 16 digit comes under Punjab.
  • 17- Pin code starting with 17 digits belongs to Himachal Pradesh (HP)
  • 18 and 19 – The pin code starts with 18, and 19 digits come under Jammu and Kashmir.
  • 20 to 28 – Pin codes starting from 20 to 28 digits belong to Uttar Pradesh (UP)
  • 30 to 34 – Pin code starting from 30 to 34 digits comes under Rajasthan.
  • 36 to 39 – Pin codes starting from 36 to 39 digits belong to Gujarat.
  • 40 to 44 – Pin codes starting from 40 to 44 digits belong to Maharashtra.
  • 46 to 48 – Pin codes from 46 to 48 digits belong to Madhya Pradesh.
  • 49 – Pin codes starting with 49 digits belong to Chhattisgarh.
  • 50 to 53 – Pin codes starting from 50 to 53 digits belong to Andhra Pradesh.
  • 50 to 53 – Pin codes starting from 50 to 53 digits belong to Telangana.
  • 56 to 59 – Pin code starting from 56 to 59 digits belongs to Karnataka
  • 60 to 64 – Pin codes starting from 60 to 64 digits belong to Tamil Nadu
  • 67 to 69 – Pin codes starting from 67 to 69 digits belong to Kerala
  • 682 – Pin codes starting with the digit 682 belong to Lakshadweep.
  • 70 to 74 – Pin code starting from 70 to 74 digits belongs to West Bengal
  • 744 – Pin codes starting with the digit 744 belong to Andaman and Nicobar.
  • 75 to 77 – Pin code starting from 75 to 77 digit comes under Orissa
  • 78-79- Pin codes starting with 78- 79 digits belong to Assam
  • 79 – Pin code starting with 79 digits belongs to Arunachal Pradesh
  • 79 – Pin code starting with digit 79 belongs to Manipur
  • 79 – Pin codes starting with the digit 79 belong to Meghalaya.
  • 79 – Pin codes starting with 79 belong to Mizoram.
  • 79 – Pin codes starting with the digit 79 belong to Nagaland.
  • 79 – Pin codes starting with the digit 79 belong to Tripura.
  • 80 to 85 – Pin codes starting from 80 to 85 digits are of Bihar.
  • 80 to 83, 92- Pin codes starting from 80 to 83, 92 come under Jharkhand.


What is the full form of PIN Code?

The full form of PIN Code is Postal Index Number Code.

Where I find Pin Code of my current location? is the best tool website where you can easily find current location Pincode in less then 10 seconds.

Can I find pin code of my location by GPS?


Can I find my location pincode using the address?

Yes, you can find current location Pincode using address at

What is my current location pin code?

You can find your current location pin code at website easily.

Is pin code 6 digit code?